Coba Intip Deh Olahan Makanan Warteg Ala Dade Akbar Ini… Bikin Ngiler…

“Spicy fried egg with steamed fragrant rice and traditional chicken soup, finished off with chopped onion leaf, parsley and black pepper”
“Corn fritter and fried mackerel with red chilli, green tomatoes, sliced shallots and a drizzle of spicy sauce.”
“Tender cattle-foot cartilage in spicy curry reduction sauce, served with steamed cassava leaf, raw chili and fresh parsley”
“Savory steamed rice-flour cake with coconut milk, drizzled with green chili paste, and garnished with thyme”
“Stir-fry chili shrimp with spicy carrots and beans, served with thin crispy tempeh, chili reduction and thick soy sauce”
“Caramelised beef curry rendang infused with coconut milk and spices, served with thinly sliced carrot and steamed baby spinach”
“Sweetly marinated tofu, garnished with anchovies, sweet chili glaze and roasted ground nuts”

Yaaah abiiisss….

Mau lihat yang lebih lengkap lagi? Langsung meluncur saja ke TKP!


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